The female breasts have both maternal and sexual appearance in the images and scriptures of medieval and Renaissance texts. The historical images of breasts are portrayed from paleolithic goddesses and Minoan bare-breasted snake priestesses up to those of the women’s liberation movement of the twentieth century. The early church paintings of nursing Madonnas illustrate how women were validated primarily as mothers, within the Judeo- Christian tradition…


Breast milk was of prime importance to any new born child since there was no known substitute until the end of the nineteenth century, when pasteurisation was discovered. Hence, the ancient art and sculptures displayed feminine figures known for prominent breasts and excessive size of their stomachs and buttocks, which showed a strong female body capable of nurturing their offspring, in times of adversity…


The woman’s breast is the thermometer of social emancipation! The more you see from it in public, the more the social system tends towards sexual equality or to real matriarchy as in Amazonia, or in some African tribes where we can see women with naked breasts and covered genital organs…


Is it a myth or a reality? The fantasy of perfect and ideal breasts has tormented many, including poets, writers, sculptors, painters, stylists, models, scientists, and more so, plastic surgeons! But, does the perfect breast really exist?


Surgical treatments for breast ptosis have been widely studied since 1959 (Dufourmentel & Mouly, 1959). Many publications and classifications of ptotic breasts have been described in the literature for ptotic breasts, focusing on the nipple areolar complex position compared to the inframammary fold. But these research use centimeters and lateral views to illustrate their classifications which do not provide a clear treatment plan that can achieve natural results…


The abnormal breast or excessively heavy breast has raised concern for centuries. There can be various reason for heavy breasts including overweight or gigantomastia. Abnormally large breasts (also called macromastia) can result in huge physical and emotional distress for patients and the resulting pain can possibly be a challenge to perform even common physical activities. Some patients may also suffer from emotional distress as a result of their large breasts…


is a world-renowned Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon. He was involved in his career in different positions in Tunisia and UAE as a plastic surgeon or consulted as an expert to build plastic surgery practice in different hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Presently, Dr Kotti is practicing in private setting in Tunis as a consultant in plastic surgery with a visiting position to different clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


In this book, the author, Dr. Bouraoui KOTTI, more than a plastic surgeon, a breast fan, expert, and philosopher will explain his approach to the breast by exposing the theories about breast development, elucidating different conditions of the breast like tuberous breasts. Also, in this book, Dr. Kotti shares his
vision about the ptotic breast through the BK concept or breast-key concept, by redefining the normal breast and perfect breast, according to the golden ratios that he found after years of observation and calculation of different measurements, angles, and ratios and by introducing the normal breast ptosis to
demystify the majority of small ptosis that may occur with the breast evolution. To a great extent, its comprehension may avoid a slash with the knife of this “noble organ”. Beauty, the science of proportions, has her noble organs too!